May/Jun 2019

  • Finish fixing the Matchmaking
  • Create the DeathMatch gameplay for multiplayer testing.
  • Announce the closed Multiplayer testing

Jul/Ago 2019

  • Add more details about the game on the website and social media
  • Start – Closed Multiplayer Alpha Testing
  • Try to finish the Assault Class and the Special Habilities
  • Create leaderboards
  • Create the gameplay for the multiplayer team capture point match
  • Finish the new scenario for capture point matches

Set 2019

  • Create the trailer of this game
  • Start working on the Sniper class
  • Start working on the Agent or Enforcer class
  • Create Clans

Oct 2019

  • Start working on the Agent or Enforcer class
  • Add character customization

Nov 2019

  • Add new scenarios
  • Add weapon customization

    Dec 2019

  • Add integration with anti-hacking tools
  • Add the game on Windows 10 store

Attention: This Roadmap is not precise, the dates and features can be changed or removed. The objective here is to share the plans we have for this game and the evolution you may expect on the following months.

If you want to know more about what we are doing, reach us on Discord or check our Trello Board:

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