Closed Alpha Testing


Here is where you register for participate of the Closed Multiplayer Alpha Testing. The first tests should start on day 15 Jun. So, for this first phase we will be selecting 25 players to help us testing the multiplayer matchmaking and depending on the results and feedback we will be adding more players that have registered. The first 100 registers will receive a key to download the game for free.

Our criteria to choose the testers for the multiplayer will be based on points. The person with more points will receive the invite before:

First to register will have +25 points.
Second +24
Third +23
and following the same idea… the points will be decreasing while players register until reach 0.


If you:
Follow the website with your Email: You will get +1
Follow the Discord: You will get +1
Follow the Youtube channel: You will get +1
Follow the Facebook page: You will get +1
Follow the Steam group: You will get +1
Have tested or gave feedback about the game before: You will get +4

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to talk to us on the Contact Form, on Social Media or on Discord.