Alpha Version 0.0.31

Change log:

  • Added player selection
  • Fixed hair transparency
  • Changed cover info message
  • Fixed block reloading, when in cover
  • Changed melee, and grenade keys
  • Added player spawn positions for test scenario
  • Updated weapon aim position
  • Fixed aim blocked when changing weapon
  • Improved performance on change weapons
  • Temporary disabled grenade (working on fixes and updates)
  • Fixed aim to not allow self shoot
  • Changed UI architecture
  • On Multiplayer: Players are spawning and moving sync

If you wanna help on the development of the game, download and test our new versions and leave your feedback.

Alpha Version 0.0.30

As promised, we are working on multiplayer adding new features, following the objective of have a multiplayer match up and running on the next updates.

We also wanna announce that from now on you can follow us on Steam to get updates and interact.
The link is:

Change log:

  • Fixed climb animations focus, player stuck on the wall and¬†vault animations;
  • Fixed camera focus on climbing;
  • Changed grenade animations;
  • Changed bullet effect;
  • Created new Screens (select character, Login, Lobby, Chat, …);
  • Fixed UI buttons;
  • Unified version info;
  • Upgraded objects creation;
  • Created an UI framework for the buttons and other components;
  • Multiplayer data transfer;

Alpha Version 0.0.29

Change log:

  • Fixed reload states
  • Added validations on Reload, Vaulting, Climbing, Running and Shooting
  • Fixed throw grenade when running
  • Fixed character shadow
  • Added and updated multiplayer screens
  • Added new animations
  • Changes on test scenario and lightning
  • Make A.I. player shoots deal damage
  • Updated footsteps sound


Mercenaries Land Year 1!

Hello guys,

We are working to release a new update soon with bug fixes :smile: and finally start adding some multiplayer features.

On this month we (Mercenaries Land) will be 1 year old :birthday: , and to celebrate that we will try to make the multiplayer up and running till the end of this month.

Note: We will be delaying the release of multiplayer features till we finish securing the login process and the game files.

We thank you all for stay with us helping to create this game and we hope that we could meet us on the battle soon. :smile:

We count with your help to be testing the game and help us to improve!

Alpha Version 0.0.28

Change Log:

  • Added bullet spread
  • Changed vault animation
  • Updated cover angle calculation
  • Added camera effects
  • Changed sky
  • Added procedural recoil rotation
  • Added new keys to change weapon (1,2,3,4)
  • Changed minimap
  • Updated damage detection to not allow deal damage on dead player

On Multiplayer:

  • Working on creating player profile and Currency.

Alpha Version 0.0.27

Change Log:

  • Added new Screen for Multiplayer (User Creation)
  • Changed UI Elements
  • Improvements on pause menu logic to block player controls on pause
  • Fix pistol and rifle animation transitions
  • Changed camera position on prone stance
  • Added hit indicator
  • Added Directional damage indicator
  • Improved angle calculation algorithm for Directional Damage and Slide
  • Improved the performance of some scripts (Weapon & UI)
  • Improved footsteps sync
  • Improved Revolver walk Animations
  • A.I. shooting
  • Added Pistol sound
  • Changed revolver shoot animation speed

Alpha Version 0.0.26

Change Log:

  • Added multiplayer login screen and server authentication
  • Added new weapons
  • Added Revolver shoot animation on prone and stand
  • Added Revolver reload animation
  • Changed Revolver FPS camera position
  • Changed Revolver and Ak weapon shader (Colors)
  • Changed Ak weapon sound effects
  • Changed walk animations
  • Changed vault animation on run
  • Changed UI theme colors and loading screen
  • Improved footsteps audio (For while it’s just enabled when walking with Rifle)
  • Fixed Left hand position on vault
  • Fixed Player ragdoll (Collisions)
  • Fixed Prone roll collider (not jumping anymore)

Alpha Version 0.0.25

Change Log:

  • Fixed aim when transition from run to crouch
  • Fixed fps camera transition when changing weapon
  • Fixed animation collision on crouch
  • Fixed IK on Jump over obstacles
  • Edited player textures
  • Created new animation for revolver on prone
  • Reduced vertical angle view when in prone stance
  • Changed scenario

Alpha Version 0.0.24

Change Log:

  • Changed colors of UI
  • Changed map indicators
  • Removed roll animations when changing from run to crouch
  • Fixed transitions of entering and leaving cover, walking left and right
  • Fixed taking cover animation speed
  • Fixed problem of climb not working when in cover
  • Fixed reload animation transition
  • Added damage to grenade
  • Added instantiation improvements to grenades
  • Added new player
  • Improved player textures
  • Moved version info to pause menu