Alpha Version 0.0.38

Change log:

On Multiplayer:
-Added analitics data for Alpha Testing
-Added ping data on screen
-Added chat on lobby and on match
-Added random respawn positions on multiplayer scenario
-Added new features on matchmaking and fixed some bugs
-Added scoreboard sync after match ended
-Added functions to sync match data
-Fixed minor bugs
-Fixed sign up screen
-Fixed the hit indicator
-Redirect the user to main screen when match finished and sign in again.
-Updated lobby screen

Other changes:
-Added new audio effects (reverb areas)
-Added different voices for male and female characters
-Changed ui design and fixed bugs of many screens
-Changed cover detection to not allow take cover everywhere
-Changed weapon specs
-Created icons for levels and classes
-Created first hability for assault class
-Created and fixed some Animations and transitions
-Fixed mouse pointer problems
-Fixed bullets reloading after player die
-Fixed fullscreen option and screen resolution on settings
-Improved audio peformance and precision
-Redesigned some characters
-Updated scenarios
-Updated wepons audio effects
-Updated scene instantiation

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