Alpha Version 0.0.37

Change log:

  • Fixed cover detection to find walls at all directions
  • Fixed Slide to keep moving even when the player is not holding the forward button. Also allow slide on sides.
  • Changed the test scenario
  • Changed particle instantiation
  • Fixed strike sound instantiation
  • Added a function to remove the disconnected players from the match
  • Added a timer with sync between players and added ping info.
  • Changed the screen for in match details
  • Created new Screens for Multiplayer connection details, Matchmaking, main menu, credits and others
  • Created server real-time matchmaking management
  • Create a multiplayer counter for clock sync
  • Fixed Bug from Multiplayer matches instancing double players
  • Fixed authentication workflow
  • Fixed multiplayer menu screen for adapt it self to screen size
  • Fixed kill counter and added a death counter.
  • Updated Matchmaking process to start automatic

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