Update 2019.1 – Happy New Year

Hello guys, sorry for this late update.
The first multiplayer test version that was planned for last December could not be made in time. A lot of things happened and we did not had time enough to focus on the project. Some updates were made, but still there are a lot of work that need to be done.

For the beginning of this new year we are planning to work more on show more details of what has been designed for this game and start a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to apply on improvements for the game (that now is just a prototype), we will try to get a help from a game publisher with that.
We want to buy a Steam license, new assets, animations, sound effects, songs, hire professional people for specific tasks and if the amount is enough, support the developers to be working full time on project to make everything faster and better.

We count on you to keep supporting us and sharing about this project with your friends.
A new update will be released soon with the visual renewed and other improvements.

Thanks for your support all this time!
Happy new year!

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