Alpha Version 0.0.35

Change Log:

  • Updated Screens: Small changes on Main Menu, Credits, Loading and others.
  • Added a button on Pause menu to go back to main menu.
  • Fixed cancel button on player select screen
  • Baked lights from scenarios
  • Fixed sky and lightning
  • Sync Multiplayer shoot
  • Sync Multiplayer animations: Reloading
  • Fixed audio initialization on multiplayer.
  • Fixed pause menu not working on multiplayer match
  • Make player name follow team mates
  • Fixed AK47 hand positions
  • Fixed AK47 FPS camera positions
  • Fixed sound effects of AK47 and impacts to simulate 3D sounds
  • Improved players ragdolls
  • Fixed a bug about player cant shoot target when aiming with rifle.
  • Adjusted the code to allow shoot another player
  • Fixed bullet impact instantiation, to avoid instantiate bullet holes on the air when shooting an enemy
  • Synchronized game version information between screens
  • Modularized the code to allow use the same gameplay for multiplayer and single player
  • Modularized camera access to facilitate the controls of camera behaviors and calculations.
  • Fixed animations aiming stand and prone.

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