Alpha Version 0.0.32

Change log:

  • Fixed cover animations;

    Added new pistol animations (walk backwards, prone reload) and Fixed pistol animation transitions;

  • Changed shot to diferentiate single shot from automatic;
  • Recoil improvement (rotate the camera);
  • Recoil changed based on stance;
  • Fixed right hand rotation for different characters;
  • Changed scenario;
  • Added gameloop (respawn), respawn message and time counter;
  • Added animations transitions for run sides to prone;
  • Stop reloading prone when moving;
  • Deactivate crosshair when can’t shoot on third person;
  • Fixed aim in the cover with pistol;
  • Fix not shooting above cover when aiming;
  • Turnoff fps camera when die;
  • Added blood effect on camera when die;
  • Added FPS counter;
  • Added new window options;
  • Multiplayer animations sync
  • Increased strike speed;
  • Minor improvements;

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