Alpha Version 0.0.23

Change Log:

  • Changed:
    • AK Firerate
    • Revolver aim animation
    • Climb obstacles animation
    • Calculation of slide aim angle (allowing to aim sides smoothly)
    • Third person camera position
    • Leave cover forward and backwards (walk on direction opposite to cover)
    • Ramp scenario collider
    • Animation of aim degrees behind cover (standing)
  • Fixes / Updates:
    • Bug of walk animation on cover
    • Aim direction when slide (Allowing aim up and down)
    • Revolver left hand position when slide
    • Smoke grenade fog position and fog timer
    • Head rotation on prone
    • Not allow Aim with grenade
    • Allow throw grenade when running, falling, cover, sliding, …
    • Stop reloading if transition to prone or from prone
    • Forbid walk or run forward when collide with a wall
    • Few performance improvements (changed script update frequency).
    • Enable & disable Crouch state
    • Disable aim when reload
    • A.I. animations – running, standing, aiming, idle

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