Updates delay

Hello folks,
We will not have updates of the game this week because our development team is participating of a coding contest.

As soon the contest is over we will bring new updates.
Thanks for your support!

Alpha Version 0.0.22

Change Log:

  • Added:
    • AI aim animation
    • Allow aiming around cover
    • Different animation for climb smaller obstacles
  • Updates:
    • Smoke grenade effect
    • Scenario
    • Changed cover key
  • ¬†Fixes:
    • Aim rotation
    • Revolver position
    • Reload animation
    • Player and weapon shoot animation
    • Crosshair spread in cover
    • Grenade colliders
    • Leaving cover with rifle
    • Bugs with layers
    • Not allow player move sides when aiming above cover
    • Not allow move sides when sliding
    • Pause menu to hide other elements of the screen