Mercenaries Land is a game about unknown warriors who live under danger to secure hostile lands.


Multiplayer PvP Third Person Shooter (TPS) including features of First Person Shooter (FPS), Tactical Cover, Team Based games.
The game will have many battle modes and the main will be the conquer area. It will have 4 classes at beginning: Assault, Agent, Sniper, Enforcer. Each class will consist of one man and one woman, each with one special ability. More details will be added soon…


We will be releasing alpha versions as we improve the game to get the feedback from the community, decide the new features and fix bugs.

The first beta release will be focused on gameplay and a simple multiplayer match making. On this release it’s expected to have scenarios without special effects. On the next releases we will improve ballistics, smooth gameplay, add more details to scenarios and etc.

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Development Paused

Hi, I would like to inform that I decided to pause the development of the game for few weeks or months to focus on my career and family, so the updates of the game will be delayed. Thanks all for the support and patience!